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“My fiance is having trouble booking a flight to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and is having strong anxiety months before we're even married…”

There’s no need to live with anxiety, fear, or terror. Let Dr. Luann show you how to transition from panic to powerful in less time than it takes to fly across the United States.

Dr. Luann Linquist is available to help you conquer your fears in person, by phone, or online.

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“I am flying from Oakland to New York tomorrow. Thank you for your help and the tools you have provided me with. I feel good. I keep getting little twinges and butterflies in my stomach but go to a mindful place when it happens to evaluate excitement of going to New York versus fear of flying. I am looking forward to our vacation and feel so much more at ease after working with you last year.”

—Darcey, California

“I’ve received 15 hours of flight training since we started working together. Thank you for opening new doors for old thoughts. My fear of flying is deleted and I’m flying the planes myself!”

—Mike W., Detroit, Michigan

“I have been flying and training in the ‘dreaded simulator’ on a new airplane for the past couple months. As a ‘delete graduate’ I wanted you to know that I am always grateful for the tools you offered, and the chats that we had. I still call on the DELETE technique from time to time, but have found that deleting has transformed into a kind of mindset. Now it’s more a matter of gauging the situation, realizing its importance, understanding what I am able to do about it, and if it still presents an unpleasant or unresolvable barrier – it gets the ‘DELETE treatment.’ The mind truly is a conscious computer, and I visualize the process easily that way.”

—Tom H., Olympia, Washington

“Well, our trip to NYC came and went, which means I got on a plane for the first time in 6 years. And let me say, first and foremost, THANK YOU.

“Your techniques not only worked, but for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed a plane ride. No hyperbole – I was able to enjoy the flight out to NYC as part of our vacation rather than something I had to ‘get through’ in order to enjoy the rest of the trip. This was remarkable for me. For years the thought of even getting on a plane filled me with panic and fear, and here I was sitting comfortably on the plane, doing really mundane things that I was grateful felt mundane like looking over the snack menu, wondering what was on TV.”

—Barry, California

“It has been a week since I have returned to Ankara. I should tell you that my trip was successful. The plane trip part had only a few incidences where normally I would panic. I used our Delete techniques and it was very helpful. Now I am deleting a lot of things, in general this is helping the quality of my whole life. I definitely benefited from our sessions. Thank you so much for everything. There is a lot more to accomplish and I know that I will call you.”

—Aslihan Y., Turkey

“Your ‘delete’ therapy worked perfectly. I took eight flights in seventeen days during my vacation to Costa Rica. The planes ranged from large commuter 757s to small 10 seat propeller planes. I really knew the therapy worked while I was waiting for a propeller plane in a rain forest. My friends and I were standing on the beach viewing the morning light over the Caribbean Sea when our tour guide told us our plane will land on a flat strip of the beach marked with a small wooden sign that said ‘Airport.’

“I did not panic like I used to. I did not spiral into doubt or fear like I used to. Instead I used my small therapy cards as you suggested. I waited for the plane to land, got on the plane, and then flew over Costa Rica.

“For the first time in eight years, I looked out the window and enjoyed the view of rain forests, banana plantations, and beaches. Again, no fear and no anxiety.

“The larger commuter planes were also enjoyable. I watched movies and listened to the radio and never allowed myself to worry. I could not believe how much I enjoyed myself.

“Thank you for your help in overcoming my catastrophic fear of flying. I will recommend you to all my friends who have a fear of flying. I finally realized, with your help, that planes transport you from one destination to another. Anything else is my invention. Keep up the excellent work.”

—Christopher, Philadelphia, PA

“Things are going great! Had another flying dream the other night. Man, we were flying all over the place, all over the U.S. In the dream I started off nervous when I got on the plane but immediately went away and I was just myself. It was great!…Thanks!!!”

—Tally, Seattle, WA

“…It was time to take some serious action or I would be grounded forever. I've always been skeptical of the success rates quoted by various counselors I read about. One thing that attracted me to the DELETE method was that I could begin the process over the telephone and I wouldn't have to go through my entire life history to begin to beat this fear.

I have an entirely new perspective on my feelings about flying. Dr. Linquist spent some time finding out about how the fear developed, but much more time identifying the thoughts that contributed to the heart of my fear. Once these were identified, the work begins.

As a team you begin to look at these thoughts and then decide how to delete them…I now feel that if you are sick of allowing the fear of flying to alter your life, then you should give this a try.”

—Diane Serbin, Editor of Happy Landings
a support publication for those who fly but
prefer their feet planted firmly on the ground

“I now fly completely free of anxiety thanks to Dr Luann Linquist and DELETE Techniques. She made it fast and fun.”

—Dr. Mara Pennell, Whitter, CA

“I called you one week prior to my leaving on a family vacation to Hawaii. My husband was very excited…I was a nervous wreck. This trip meant 10 hours on a plane. I have been afraid to fly for about 5 years now and was an expert at avoiding it…

“I felt immediately comfortable with you and felt I wanted to tell you everything, if that meant I would not feel so anxiety-ridden about flying. When you started talking with me and giving me the tools to control my decisions, I felt very powerful. I wanted a few more sessions with you and you were more than willing to work with me until we both became clear that I was ready.

“I took a plane from Illinois to California and a plane from California to Hawaii. I felt relaxed and knew I had the tools to deal with this situation. Not only did I have a great vacation, I went parasailing! I still can't believe that I was flying myself, 300 feet in the air. The greatest gift I gave my family and especially my two daughters was to experience my fear but not allow it to have me.

“The flight back had about one hour of turbulence. Again, I had the tools to remain calm and know I could behave one way or I had a choice to behave another. I am looking at very differently now. It is about all the things I can do because I say I can.

“Without you this all would not have been possible…I was always in control of our sessions however you were guiding me. I cried with you, laughed with you and shared some emotional and wonderful stories with you. I appreciate your skill and am so glad I had the courage to call you. Thank you.”

—Jean, San Diego, CA

“Hello Dr. Luann, I wanted to again thank you for your support and guidance as I have yet to take the time to do so. You led me to the trough and opened my eyes which allowed me to “reconfigure” and adapt those programs to my needs. It has been an amazing past couple of months and I thank you for assisting me with opening that door. Warm regards always! ”

—Terry B., California


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