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—Andrea S., Atlanta, Georgia

It’s no sin to admit you need help. Forget drugs, booze, and fear. Leave anxiety, panic, terror, dread, and stress behind. Make fear of flying a thing of the past!

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Success Stories:
Going from Panic to Powerful

What people are saying about success in overcoming fear of flying:

“The flight back went just fine; on the whole it was pretty smooth and I was relaxed and calm. I read my homework cards when it got a little bumpy, to good effect. We even got upgraded, which helped a lot! Finally, I'd just like to say thanks so much for helping me out. I feel as though I can face flying for the first time in years and the techniques are very effective for other anxieties too. Hope you have a wonderful year!”

—Kate B., Boise, Idaho

Keala had a fear of flying and called Dr. Luann for help. Here's Keala's Fear of Flying Story:

“I wish there was a way to say thank you in such a way that would make you tingle from head to toe. I still marvel at the fact that I flew from Hawaii to the East Coast and back with NO problem at all. I really had to set myself up for this journey and I prepared well; I visualized each and every segment of the trip. I practiced breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques. I brought along healthy eating food, stayed away from junk food, sodas and coffee.

“We are taking a family trip this summer from Hawaii to Colorado. It will be a great adventure! My Aloha to you always,”

—Keala Z., Hawaii

Lizzie had signed up for flying lessons before she called Dr. Luann. She got into the plane, started to PANIC and backed out. She called Dr. Luann and conquered her fear of flying. Here’s her “Arm-Wind” story:

“After talking with Dr. Luann I was okay with being a passenger on a plane. But flying lessons? Not sure! Then I did what she suggested, I thought it was too silly and simple…

“I was riding in the passenger seat of my sister’s truck. We were on a major road, so we were going fast. The window was cracked open and I could feel a strong breeze on my face. Just then I was filled with the impulse to do it now: touch the wind. I had come to understand that the wind would carry me and my plane…it would keep me safe – and I wanted to feel it.

“Just as Dr. Luann instructed, I opened the window, cupped my hand slightly and with my arm bent at the elbow, pretended that my arm was a small plane. In the swift breeze outside of the car window, I felt my arm lifted in the wind. It fell swiftly into the air pockets and then was cushioned by another pillow of wind underneath, and was lifted again. In my mind, I was flying and I understood then, first hand, how the plane felt up there in the open air…carried by the wind.

“And I couldn’t wait to get back up into the sky and fly my little plane, fearlessly…knowing that the wind would carry me to where I wanted to go.

“I can’t even describe the (lack for a better word) ‘weightlessness’ I feel now that I know I can fly! I know that I feel no fear…I know that I will have a great flight this weekend. I am not sure HOW I know…suddenly, I just do! And I cannot wait to call Dr. Luann after my flight, because I know I will have another success story for her to share!

“Thanks to Dr. Luann for being such a great teacher. I conquered the fear of flying and now I’m taking flying lessons!”

—Lizzie, California

From being petrified of flying to becoming a pilot –Tony’s Fear of Flying Success Story:

Nineteen months after learning the DELETE techniques, Tony called Dr. Luann…

“Dr. Luann, I just had to tell you. I have been flying ok since our last session. From January to June I took flying lessons. Now this week I finished my first solo as a pilot. Yes Dr. Luann, I’m flying the plane myself.

What was Tony thinking before he overcame the fear of flying?

“Hypnotism didn’t work. I’m still nervous about flying and even anxious about going to the airport. I feel trapped, can’t get the worry out of my head. My stomach aches thinking about the plane falling and crashing. I worry about what others might think about me if I had a panic attack on the plane. I don’t want people to think I’m strange. Being nervous holds me back from what I want to do. Why am I afraid and not family and others. I’m embarrassed about my fear. If there’s something wrong with the plane it will take a long time for it to go down and I worry about everyone yelling and screaming.”

Tony overcame the fear of flying in 4 hours.

—Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Silas B. Success Story from Brazil:

Dr. B. became really afraid of flying 5 years ago with no apparent reason. He had to make a mandatory business trip to England in 5 weeks. The anticipatory anxiety, worry, sweaty hands, heart racing, lack of concentration were already taking a toll on his health, work, and family relationships.

He emailed Dr. Luann, to set up a phone appointment. Two sessions (3½ hours) consulting with Dr. Luann and he was ready to fly. Here’s Dr. B.’s email from the fearless flier:

“Dear Dr. Linquist! Well, I managed to fly to England and survive. It seems you have deleted my fears. I am 95% better now. I was very comfortable during the trip and I could overcome my fears as I put my mind to it. Thank you very much for giving me the tools to get rid of my fear of flying.”

—Dr. Silas B., Brazil

Donna’s Fear of Flying Story:

Donna F., age 49, had fear of flying for four years with symptoms of anxiety, stomach problems, and nervousness. She needed to fly for work assignments and wanted to fly more for family gatherings.

Her words: “I have a primal fear of terror. I’m only thinking about how terrified I am. I think it would be horrible to crash. I could get out of control and start screaming on the plane. This causes a lot of stress before I fly; the strain is very tiring and feeds my depression. I’m afraid it will get worse and come back even more.”

—Donna F., Trenton, New Jersey

Dr. Luann and Donna were on the phone for one session (1 ½ hours). She DELETED her fear of crashing, terror, and stress. She is now a member of Dr. Linquist’s Fearless Flying Fan Club!

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