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You're not alone: Roughly 1 in 3 Americans are afraid to fly for one or more reasons!

Dr. Luann’s success rate is 95%.

Take control of your life. Get the help you need from Dr. Luann – a proven professional who understands your fear and knows how to DELETE it.

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DELETING is a normal, natural process used many times each day by virtually everyone. When you check in to a hotel you make a mental note of your room number and usually remember it until you check out of the hotel. Upon checking out of the hotel, you unconsciously make a mental note to forget the room number. In other words, you DELETE it.

Once the hotel room number has been fully DELETED, you cannot remember the room number, and you can't explain how you DELETED it.

However, there are certain experiences in life that elicit anxiety, fear, and worry. These are experiences that you cannot fully delete because there are autonomic (physical) and unconscious processes associated with difficult situations.

Although it's a natural process, very few people are consciously aware of the internal processes used to accomplish a DELETE. Therefore, you most likely don't know how to DELETE intentionally. But you can learn quickly and benefit greatly.

The DELETE Technique is a rapid way of regaining control over your fear, anxiety, worry, and negative thoughts – thereby increasing your concentration, energy, and self-esteem.

DELETE techniques are highly individual. Dr. Luann leads you through a learning process until you accomplish the ability to DELETE specific fearful thoughts and beliefs. After a few times of doing this facilitation occurs, and you can repeatedly accomplish that particular DELETE on your own.

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