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  • You’re 50% more likely to die riding a bicycle than in an airplane
  • Walking is seven times more dangerous than flying
  • Driving in a car is 62 times more risky than flying in a plane per mile traveled”
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About Dr. Luann Linquist

In private practice since 1985, Dr. Luann Linquist specializes in brief therapies such as DELETE Techniques, EMDR, TFT, and cognitive coaching.

These therapies address anxiety, depression, adjustment, phobic, post-traumatic stress, and communication issues affecting individuals, families, couples, and groups. Her eclectic theoretical approach utilizes behavioral, cognitive, redecision, short-term techniques, and rapid response processes.

She is a college and university lecturer, speaker, and guest expert featured on local and national broadcast media (including Oprah, Hard Copy, Geraldo, CNN, and FOX).

Dr. Linquist offers counseling and coaching to individuals, groups and businesses—in person and on the phone. She is a California-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

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