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  • Turbulence
  • Anticipation of anxiety
  • Terrorists
  • Taking off & landing
  • Anxiety on the plane
  • Terror
  • Claustrophobia
  • Dying
  • What others are thinking
  • Losing control
  • Fear of the fear itself
  • Stress of anticipation
  • Worry about unknown
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Do you have anxiety, worry, panic, fear of flying or claustrophobia?

Fear of flying means you have anxiety, feelings of terror or dread, panic, and nervousness about getting on or being in an air plane — or just thinking about getting on a plane.

Some people can’t even drive to the airport to pick up someone! Others are unable to look at a picture of an airplane without experiencing symptoms of anxiety, panic, fear, or anticipating a crash!

In some cases there are many levels of the fear. Consider the salesman with a fear of flying who had to:

  1. Overcome his fear of driving more than two miles from home.
  2. Conquer the anxiety associated with going to the airport.
  3. Delete the fear of elevators, escalators, and the inter-terminal train/bus
  4. Overcome his fear of crowds and what people think of him

Then, and only then, could he finally overcome the fear of flying – and he did! His whole sales team was on the plane with him and cheered his success as they landed.

Go from panic to powerful!

Here’s what some of Dr. Luann’s clients have to say…

“…I’m writing this sitting on a plane in relative comfort for the first time! And it was so easy!” – K.S., confidential client


“…it’s a simple program I can take home and use whenever I want or need to. I’m enthused!” – M.L., confidential client


“I now fly completely free of anxiety thanks to Dr. Linquist and DELETE Techniques. She made it fast and fun.” – Dr. Mara Pennell


“You helped me overcome some serious issues back in the 90’s regarding fear of flying. I’ve flown quite a bit since then. Thanks again.” – Don


“Thank you for your continued commitment in helping me get through this very difficult time in my life. Every day I feel better (and wiser). I feel like our sessions together are one of the main reasons for my improvement. To a healthy, peaceful life.” – Lauri J.

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